Eze, Luc (ostéo), Guillaume, Diego


Commentaire d'Eze sur cette SOF d'anthologie....

"Dear Friends,


Back in GVA after the SOF.

We finished on what I recall one of the windiest events I've ever been!! Not only because of the wind strength by itself, but for the consistency (it has been 2 weeks that the wind blows non-stop)


The 2012 SOF is going to be remember by many as one of the toughest. The Wind blew hard on every direction, the level was really high, Worldclass sailing!! It was a real privilege to participate in this edition!!

I still remember the last day of racing, early in the morning, at the boat park, the the official speaker begin to broadcast :
"...Message from the race committee: Remember..Navigation in this conditions is VERY DANGEROUS.!! You go out sailing at your own risk. Please evaluate on your sailing abilities before decide to go sailing..!”   in a world cup !!


Anyways, sailing wise, the things didn't worked exactly as expected. We found much more wind of what we expected. 

We did some great improvements but also some mistakes, and although the balance is positive, we missed the main goal for this event. That gives a bitter taste, and the sensation that we could have done better.


After a weak beginning, Guillaume managed to come back and put a series of solid results that took him quite close but still out for a few points of the Gold fleet. 

Nevertheless, we miss it (which was the primary objective)

Therefore, after discussing objectives, we decided to use the last 2 days of racing to test and to practice some issues that didn't worked along the event.

Next is Worlds at Boltenhagen, we're still in the race towards London 2012.
Spirit is high, confidence too...we never-nerver-never give up...!!

Thanks a lot to my teammates Pierre, Chantal, Chizo, Luc (you are the best!!), I feel I'm the luckiest coach in the World with such a Team!!
And congrats to Guillaume for his performance on what will be remembered as one of the epic and amazing edition of the SOF..!!!

Buenos Vientos, 



Encore une journée très ventée pour ce dernier jour des finales, en vent d'est cette fois, avec les grosses vagues en plus.

Une seule des deux courses prévue est lancée, le vent ayant encore forcit.
Guillaume en profite pour entrainer certains points, n'ayant plus la possibilité de remplir les critères de sélection pour Londres en Silver Fleet.

Résultat race 9 : 21e
Classement final : 58e

Voici le lien pour le site de la SOF :

Maintenant, quelques jours de repos avant de rejoindre Boltenhagen (GER) au bord de la mer Baltique afin de participer au Championnat du Monde Laser Standard.
Ce championnat sera l'ultime possibilité de sélection pour les JO.


Résultat : 28 et 29e
Classement général provisoire : 58e


Commentaire d'Eze :

"After day 3 here comes a small outlook of the events here at Hyeres.
So far we have been sailing on high wind weather. The legendady Mistral of this area didn't hesitate to blow at it best and apart for one race, we always sailed over 20 knt, often around 30 knt.
Guillaume is having a great challenge on what is not his favourite condition.
After a poor beginning, on race 4 found his shape and scored a superbe 4th place.
Yesterday, again good results, solid 13th-16th on epic conditions with wind blowing up to 32 knt.
Unfortunately, as much as he improved along the Championship, he couldn't manage to qualify to Gold fleet, standing at the moment on 10th at the Silver.
Still, the spirit at team Girod is high, and the motivation strong.
This morning no wind at all!! We are doing some cycling and stretching, then breakfast, and then wait for the wind to sail the Finals.
Best winds from Hyeres!


Ce matin premier départ avancé à 9h au lieu de 11h.
Avis de coup de vent sur la région.
Mais il soufflait déjà à 28nds en début de matinée.....

Deux courses pour ce dernier jour des qualifications :
Résultat : 13e et 16e
Classement provisoire : 46e

Dès demain course en Silver Fleet.


2 courses également pour cette 2e journée.
Résultat : 20e et 4e
Classement provisoire : 42e  Correction de classement : 40e


Journée très très ventée pour ces premières manches des qualifications.
Le comité de course à enregistré des pointes de vent bien supérieures à 30 nds ! (pointes a 40nds) et avis de "grand frais" sur la region !

2 manches ont été courues.
Résultat : 18 et 24
Classement provisoire : 63e

Petit commentaire d'Eze :

"Small report from the day : A LOT OF WIND,  22-27 knt on race 1, .....27-32 knts on race 2 !.
On race 1 Guillaume sailed ok, some tactical mistakes.
On race 2 great start, good race, he was 14 until the last downwind when he happens on this weather !
After, good breifing at home + physio session."

Une video sur les Lasers Standard :

"Today unfortunately not a very good day..."


"Dear Friends,

After a few days in Hyeres and fully operative, here comes a small report.
We're having a great time here, great wind conditions, mostly windy and shifty.
Guillaume looking on great fitness shape, which was the primary objective for the last month. and we face the last few days of the preparation with great enthusiasm and confidence for the job done.
After a last and exhausting training block of fitness-sailing-fitness (3 turns of training per day!) we're having a break to recover energies prior the event.
I've been collecting every possible source of weather forecast, and I figure that we won't find a common pattern of windy along the next week, but mostly a varied panorama of situation. In any event, we're ready to everything, hoping for the best, prepaered for the worst...!!
Today light cycling, now about to go lunch, and then entry and final tuning of the boat. Tomorrow day off.
Personally, I'm very happy to be here, I can't wait to start racing!!! 

Buenos vientos, Eze"


Le team ggirod est maintenant presque au complet à Hyères.
Eze (coach) à rejoint Guillaume et Diego, sous le soleil de la méditerannée malgré une météo très capricieuse sur la France en ce moment !
Les régates commenceront dimanche par les qualifications.

Lien pour le communiqué de presse Swiss Sailing Team :


Guillaume s'est installé à Hyères afin de reprendre contact avec le plan d'eau et continuer les entrainements.

Guillaume et Diego, préparateur physique.

La Semaine Olympique Française / SOF, l'étape française des Coupes du Monde, est la première des deux régates qualificative pour les athlètes suisses en lice pour les JO de Londres 2012.

Le critère a atteindre pour être élligible par Swiss Olympic est un résultat dans les 12 premières nations.

Voici le règlement de sélection Swiss Sailing :

Il y a 122 navigateurs de 44 nations inscrites en Laser Standard, c'est la série la plus nombreuse.

Les Laser Radial (filles) sont 40  nations  (92 bateaux).
Les 470 hommes sont 32 nations    (87 bateaux)
Les 470 femmes sont 27 nations   (49 bateaux)
Les RSX hommes sont 24 nations   (57 planches)
Les Star sont 22 nations    ( 27 bateaux)         

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